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Anthony Horowitz was in conversation with Paul Blezard (writer, broadcaster and presenter with 'Oneword Radio') at the Sheldonian Theatre.

A large crowd of wide-eyed children awaited Anthony at the Sheldonian Theatre on 25th March. As well as being an acclaimed TV writer of series like 'Foyles War' and, of course, Midsomer Murders, he has won the hearts of millions of youngsters with his Alex Rider stories and other childrens novels. The bookstall in the hall was immediately swamped with children eager to get their hands on the latest 'read', in fact some couldn't wait to explore the new stories, settling down straight away to read the next adventure. This is surely encouraging in this modern world of PCs, computer games and other electronic gadgets enticing so many children away from the delight of reading.

Antony said he knew he was going to be a writer from the age of 8 as he just wasn't good at anything else. Also, that James Bond had an enormous influence on him. He decided he wanted to write about a teenage 'James Bond' and Alex Rider was born.

His TV writing career began with Robin Hood and has continued to grow. 'Foyles War' will be coming back to our screens in April.

Anthony Horowitz at the Festival © Joan Street

Midsomer fans also have Tom Barnaby's (John Nettles) last case to look forward to, which has been penned by Anthony. However, we will have a much longer wait before this episode is seen.

At the end of the interview Anthony answered lots of the questions from the excited audience, finishing the evening by patiently working his way through the huge queue of children awaiting autographs.

'Crocodile Tears' is Anthony's current best seller and the 8th in the Alex Rider series. Later this year, a tome entitled 'More Bloody Horowitz' will be published, described as "giving horror a whole new look - a mischievous collection of macabre tales".



Great news for fans, Anthony will be writing one more episode of Midsomer Murders!! With John Nettles retiring at the end of Seres 13, this has now been confirmed that this will be Barnaby's very last case.

Anthony has been busy promoting his latest book 'Necropolis', the 4th in his exciting 'Power of Five' series.
He is pictured above during a December 2008 book signing at 'Waterstones' Piccadilly branch in London. He will also be writing
a couple more episodes of 'Foyles War'.



The Killings at Badger's Drift - screenplay - adapted from the novel by Caroline Graham
Written in Blood - screenplay - adapted from the novel by Caroline Graham
Death's Shadow
Stranglers Wood
Dead Man's 11
Judgement Day


Anthony Horowitz was born in North London in 1955. He attended a boarding school in Harrow, then went on to York University. Deciding on a writing career at the tender age of 8 he then went on to have his first book published 'Enter Frederick K. Bower' when he was 23. Married to TV producer Jill Green, they have two sons.

Anthony created the TV dectective series 'Murder in Mind' and 'Foyle's War' as well as writing episodes for 'Midsomer Murders', 'Poirot', 'Murder Most Horrid', 'Boon', 'Menace' and 'Robin of Sherwood'. He has also written for other television programmes and achieved phenomenal success with his 'Alex Rider' children's books. He was awarded 'The Red House Children's Book Award' in 2003.

Anthony commented that he found adapting the Caroline Graham 'Inspector Barnaby' novels for TV very challenging. However, his screenplays captured the essence of the novels and are among the most popular episodes of the series. His original screenplay for 'Judgement Day' has proved to be a particular favourite.

Amongst his many novels and works are:

The Falcon's Malteser (1987)
Just Ask for Diamond (1989)
Public Enemy Number Two (1997)
South by South East (1997)
The French Confection/ Public Enemy Number Two (omnibus) (2002)
The French Confection (2003)
I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (2003)
Three of Diamonds (omnibus) (2004)

Raven's Gate
Evil Star

Groosham Grange (1988)
The Unholy Grail (1999)
Groosham Grange and the Unholy Grail (omnibus) (2000)
Return to Groosham Grange (2003)

ALEX RIDER SERIES - Schoolboy spy novels
Stormbreaker (2000)
Point Blanc (2001)
Skeleton Key (2002)
Alex Rider Pack (omnibus) (2003)
Eagle Strike (2003)
Scorpia (2004)
Ark Angel (2005)
Crocodile Tears (2009)

CHAPBOOKS - short works of fiction
Burnt (2002)
Killer Camera (2002)
Night Bus (2002)
The Phone Goes Dead (2002)
Scared (2002)
Twist Cottage (2002)

Puffin Book of Horror Stories (1986) - contains stories by AH
Death Walks Tonight (1995)

Enter Frederick K Bower (1978)
Sinister Secret of Frederick K. Bower (1979)
Misha, the Magician and the Mysterious Amulet (1981)
The Devil's Door-Bell (1983)
The Night of the Scorpion (1984)
Robin of Sherwood: The Hooded Man (1986)
The Silver Citadel (1986)
Adventurer (1987)

Day of the Dragon (1989)
New Adventures of William Tell (1989)
Starting Out (1990)
Granny (1995)
The Switch (1997)
The Devil And His Boy (2000)
Mindgame (2001)
The Blurred Man (2003)
Killing Joke (2004)

Bath Night (1984)

Myths and Legends (1993)
Horowitz Horror (1999)
More Horowitz Horror (2000)
The Kingfisher Book of Myths and Legends (2003)


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