Robert 'Gary' Cooper - Phil Davis
In his 50s, Gary is the former lead singer of Hired Gun who now lives in style at Badgers Hall in Midsomer. He's rather effete, pretentious and asthmatic, and has become increasingly paranoid.


James Hobson - David Horovitch
Hobson is Gary's butler and manservant who attends to his master's every need. He is almost the gentleman's gentleman.


Jack 'Axeman' McKinley - James Cosmo
The one-time laughing, wild man of rock 'n' roll, Axeman was the leader guitarist with Hired Gun. Although now teetotal, he still works hard at his hardman image.


'Flash' Nicky Harding - Michael Angelis
Nicky is the chirpy but bitter drummer with Hired Gun who is now rather deaf. He drives a limo.


Jeannie Harding - Rachel Davies
In her 40s, Jeannie is Nicky's blousey wife.


Mimi Clifton - Suzi Quatro
A well-worn rock diva, Mimi is reliant on alcohol to get her through the day.


Desmond Harcourt - Rupert Vansittart
Desmond now lives in the cottage outside the gates of Badgers Hall, but he was once lord of the manor before a financial crisis forced him to sell to Gary. He's bitter and unpleasant.


Fionola Harcourt - Tilly Blackwood
Desmond's younger wife Finola is very attractive and sardonic. She enjoys seeing her husband humiliated but has her own ways of getting what she wants.


Willow McKinley - Fiona Button
Willow is 21 but sometimes appears more like a 12-year-old. Waiflike and disturbed, she is a constant companion to her father, who looks after her.


Serena Stanton - Robin Weaver
Gary's PA, Serena is scheming and sexy.


Simon Dixon - Sam Hazeldine
Son of Hired Gun's original manager, Simon is following in his late father's footsteps and making his way as the band's new boss.


DI Owen Jenkins - Philip Madoc
A retired Welsh detective inspector who worked with Barnaby many years ago. He is now living in the Cedar's Retirement Home in Midsomer.