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Toby Winning - Stuart St Paul

Big, brash, full of life, Winning runs the Little Crosby Folk Festival. Passionate about the folk scene, he lives for the music. However, his decision to move the festival away from thevillage has caused uproar amongst the locals.


Alice Winning - Rakie Ayola

Recently separated from her husband Toby, Alice is a charming, flighty musician of mixed ability. She's not used to working for a living and is struggling to make ends meet.


Danny Carver - Sean Gilder

Proud, stubborn and belligerent, Danny renounced music as a career in the wake of the suicide of his brother - the cult folk legend, Johnny Carver. He never emulated his brother's musical achievements but his daughter, Melody, has potential.


Melody Carver - Lucie Jones

Thoughtful, curious and blessed with a rare talent, Melody could be as big a name as her famous uncle, Johnny Carver. However, her dad is determined to limit her ambition and keep her in Little Crosby.


Heather Carver - Therese Bradley

Heather is the enigmatic mother of Melody who abandoned her child and her husband, Danny. A former alcoholic, she has now returned to Midsomer in a bid to reconnect with her daughter.


Frank Wainwright - Clarke Peters

Wise, worldly and avuncular, Frank is a folk veteran and a former band-mate of Johnny Carver. Still passionate about music, he runs The Captain Farrell and supports the festival.


Claire Asher - Claudie Blakley

Claire's hard and bitter attitude is all a front. In truth, she is a vulnerable and unhappy woman married to a man she doesn't love. The true love of her life is long dead.


Tom Asher - Dean Andrews

Strong, dependable and relentlessly cheery, Tom is well liked in the village. He runs a hotel with the unhappy Claire. Tom adores Claire and only wants to see her happy.


Brian Grey - Daniel Brocklebank

Slick, charming and delusional, Brian believes he's destined for greatness. He's currently the assistant director of the festival and is determined to move it out of Little Crosby.


Liz Grey - Rosalind March

A formidable and caustic Presbyterian, Liz is not a woman to mince her words. She is scathing about all the residents in the village and has little sympathy for them. She has one weak spot - her son Brian. Liz dotes on him.


Jay Templeton - Stephen Hagan

Mysterious, charismatic and handsome. Jay has found fame as a folk singer. He's in Little Crosby to headline the festival but he's also on the look-out for something else. Something very valuable.