Felicity Law - Ann Firbank

A darling old lady in her 80s whose decision to sell a little-known painting causes a stir in the Midsomer art community and beyond. But Felicity's appearance belies a colourful history and a still-vibrant spirit of mischief.


Anthony Prideaux - David Bamber

An art gallery proprietor and thin twist of effete spite, Prideaux thinks nothing of conning old ladies out of masterpieces to feather his own nest.


Matilda Simms - Susannah Harker

A gorgeous bohemian woman in her late 30s, Matilda runs the Arnold Simms School of Art, which was founded by her late father to help delinquents and the mentally ill.


Graham Spate - Paul Anderson

An ex-con and attractive rogue, Graham is a sometime recipient of the art therapy offered by the Arnold Simms School.


Alan Best - Christopher Fulford

A wide boy with money to burn from his successful frozen food business, Best has become an avid collector of the works of Midsomer landscape artist Henry Hogson.


Patricia Blackshaw - Sarah Badel

Patricia is an art lover and President of the Hogson Society. She is fiercely determined to buy Felicity's painting and put it on public display.


Neville Blackshaw - Paul Ridley

Neville is Patricia's henpecked husband, a local councillor and chairman of the arts committee, which recently withdrew its funding for the Arnold Simms School.


George Arlington - Gavan O'Herlihy

A larger-than-life Texan art collector who owns half the Hogsons in the world.


Christine Miller - Charlotte Asprey

A glamorous but slightly brash New Yorker who is not all she seems.