As Cully prepares for her wedding to Simon, another marriage takes place at Bledlow Hall, between Sir Edward Fitzroy, the 4th Baron, known as Ned, and Beth Porteous. It's an upper crust affair, conducted by Ned's uncle, Rev Marcus Fitzroy.


The newly-weds prepare to depart as best man Randall Colquhoun is accosted by estate manager Robin Lawson, demanding money. Then some amorous guests find Marina, Beth's maid of honour, pinned to the wall with a Fitzroy family dagger.


When Barnaby and Jones arrive, the Fitzroys treat them with contempt. But in Marina's room is a feather - a flight from an arrow belonging to Ned's longbow club The Men of Crecy. Meanwhile, Simon tells a disappointed Cully that his band has a major gig in Dusseldorf. It'll mean cutting short their honeymoon in New Zealand.


Jones gets friendly with Sally Fielding, the housekeeper at Bledlow Hall. She tells him Marina broke up with Marcus, and he's still bitter. Barnaby is almost hit by an arrow, shot by Robin Lawson. The flight matches the one found at the murder scene.


Barnaby arrives late for the wedding rehearsal to find Cully arguing with Simon. Then Joyce tells him the caterers have gone bust. Will there be a wedding?


Estate cook Mary reveals Marina was in love with Ned. Jones spots Mary sneaking food to her predecessor Peggy Benson. The Fitzroys are worried about Robin's demands for cash, then Barnaby finds Marcus flagellating himself in church. Later, Robin is struck through the heart by an arrow. This time the colours match Beth's.


Jones finds Harry snooping around Robin's cottage and Barnaby discovers a priest hole and tunnel connecting the cottage to Marina's bedroom. Jones uses the shortcut to spy on Harry and Beth kissing.


As Peggy looks at some old photographs, she is stabbed in the ear with a hat pin and killed. Sally sees Randall's car speeding away and Jones takes great pleasure in arresting him.


As the day of Cully's wedding approaches, she faces a dilemma, while Barnaby is sure family secrets are behind the Fitzroy murders. Dashing from his daughter's side to Bledlow Hall, he discovers Ned and Harry in a vicious swordfight over Beth. Who is the murderer - and will Barnaby get to the church on time?