The first episode of 'Steel River Blues', was shown in the UK on Wednesday, 1st September 2004, 9.00 - 10.30 p.m. on ITV1.

First Episode - 'Steel River'
Station Officer Bill McGlinchy arrives from Belfast to take command of Blue Watch at Teesside Central fire station. Bill is ambitious to learn about the unique challenges facing firefighters in the area, but he needs to be careful with his wishes - sometimes they come true.

Starring: Stuart Graham, Daniel Casey, Charles Dale, Kelly Wenham, Daniel Ainsleigh, John Bowler.

Ken Horn, the Producer, has also revealed that there are a number of exciting stunts and effects in the series!


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Daniel Casey has filmed a new 7 part drama series for ITV1 in the U.K. with a working title 'Steel
River Blues. The series is seen as a follow up for the long-running programme 'London's Burning'. Location filming is currently taking place in Teesside and Leeds which is a return for Daniel to his roots.

The series explores the lives and working challenges of Blue Watch, a fire-fighting team based in Middlesbrough. Daniel will be playing the part of Tony Barnes, one of the Blue Watch team. Other cast members include Kelly Wenham (Where the Heart is), Charles Dale (Coronation Street), Stuart Graham (Waking the Dead, Silent Witness), Daniel Ryan (Bob & Rose) and Clare Buckfield (2 point 4 children). Before filming, the whole team underwent an intensive training course to understand as much as possible about what it's like to be a real firefighter.

"As the series opens, new Station Officer, Bill McGlinchy is preparing for his first day at work, but things don't go to plan when, en route, he picks up a hitcher who ends up stealing his car. When he eventually arrives, it becomes clear that his job as expected to go to Blue Watch stalwart Tony Barnes (Daniel Casey).

McGlinchy wastes no time in showing who's boss, and sets about making changes, including giving Julie Priestley the chance to become the team's first female firefighter. However, little does he know that a disgruntled Barnes is doing all he can to see off his rival".


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