Detailed Synopsis


The brutal murder of a village postman leads Barnaby to a hotbed of adultery within remote Goodman's Land. As more murders rock the tiny hamlet, can community WPC Jay Nash help untangle the web of sexual liaisons to find the killer?

When postman Dave Cutler is murdered on his early morning rounds, Barnaby and Troy rush to the tiny hamlet of Goodman's Land.

The brutal killing rocks the backwater community, where community WPC Jay Nash is more used to dealing with traffic cones than slashed throats.

With Jay's help, the detectives discover that Dave offered more than a postal service to the female villagers - and that there are several jealous husbands or jilted lovers who might have wanted him dead.

But when a woman's body is found on the village green with the same horrific injuries, the motive doesn't look quite so straightforward. Barnaby and Troy discover the idyllic rural setting hides a maze of adulterous liaisons - and that a tense rivalry exists between the two local pubs.

There is one clue - the faint sound of old-fashioned dance band music, heard shortly before the murders took place. But Troy is in no hurry to leave - the longer the crimes take to solve, the more time he has for his growing friendship with Jay.