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Lady Isobel DeQuetteville - Eleanor Bron

Izzy DeQuetteville is in her 70s - charming and mischievous, with a tendency to say exactly what she's thinking, whether it's appropriate or not.


Sir Ludo DeQuetteville - William Gaunt

Sir Ludovic (Ludo) is head of the family and enjoys the traditions of his position. But he's an irascible, fearful old goat.


Betty DeQuetteville - Kerry Fox

Betty is the former estate manager who married Toby after his first wife died. She's from New Zealand and seen as lower in class to the rest of the family. There's no love lost between her and sister-in-law Diana.


Toby DeQuetteville - James Callis

The younger identical twin, Toby is nice but dim. He is also very vulnerable and tragic and has leant on Betty since his first wife died in a riding accident.


Julian DeQuetteville - James Callis

Julian is the older twin by just 10 minutes, making him the heir to Quitewell Hall. He's arrogant and difficult and is married to Diana.


Diana DeQuetteville - Raquel Cassidy

Diana is long-suffering in her marriage to Julian, but she has pragmatic morals and an acid streak. She can be patronising to Betty, whom she sees as beneath her class.


Simon DeQuetteville - James Clay

Simon is 22 and the son of Toby and his first wife Angela. Since the death of his mother, he's been tragically struck dumb through shock.


Harry Fleetwood - Paul Ritter

A financier who studies old battles while keeping an eye on stock markets and world trades. He's very sensitive about the re-enactments next door.


Sasha Fleetwood - Natalie Mendoza

Sasha is an attractive woman who stands by her man and shouldn't be crossed. She is keen to get her hands on some of the DeQuetteville estate.


Amanda Harding - Louisa Clein

Gorgeous Amanda is in her 30s and runs a livery stables. She shares a past with Sasha.


Bentham DeQuetteville - Murray Melvin

In his 70s, Bentham is the reclusive and cranky brother of Ludo.