Chief Supt John Cotton - Nick Fletcher
A highly-ambitious, earnest, youthful 35-year-old, Cotton has seen little frontline police work. While filling in for Barnaby's boss, he is using his time to introduce officers to the 'latest' police working methods. Barnaby is less than convinced by Cotton's programme.


Caroline Halsey - Judy Parfitt
Caroline is an admirably formidable, active woman with a great sense of humour. She has been a political activist and peacenik in her youth and remains a dedicated anti-war campaigner. But her energies are now mostly focused on matters closer to home.


Matt Parkes - Tim Pigott-Smith
Matt is a TA colonel who now helps to train potential new recruits and runs his family's agricultural haulage business. Matt represents the best of traditional British values - he's firm, fair-minded and hard-working. His Achilles heel is his son James.


James Parkes - Joseph Millson
James is good looking and canny but he's also thoroughly selfish, lacking the moral centre that is so evident in his father. He's returned home from living the high-life in France, insisting that he is ready to become head of the family firm.


Tim Galsworthy - Tom Beard
Tim serves as a captain in the TA and runs a classic car business. He's kind, responsible and loyal, but losing his 18-year-old daughter to suicide has upset every aspect of a once fulfilled and contented life.


Penny Galsworthy - Niamh Cusack
Penny was a contented mother and wife, socially active and well-liked, but, like her husband Tim, has been shattered by the death of her daughter Gilly. She is now angry, incredulous and traumatised - a fragile, lost soul.


Ed Lovell - Tony Bell
Ed is a serving TA sergeant and a mechanic for Tim Galsworthy's company. He's a serious, well-organised man who counts himself lucky to work at something he loves with a man he respects. But his life is a bit more complicated these days&ldots;


George Barkham - Philip Martin Brown
George is a TA sergeant in his 50s and is also Matt Parkes' long-serving yard manager. He saw active service under Matt and has the highest regard for him.


Nina Barkham - Alyson Spiro
George's wife Nina has been wheelchair-bound since a hit and run accident a couple of years ago. The family have survived with help from Matt, but there have been costs.


Layla Barkham - Elspeth Rae
Layla is the Barkhams' 20-year-old daughter. She is bright and attractive but is resentful because a change of family circumstances has meant her father cannot afford to help her with her dream of going to medical school.


Don Mitchison - Sidney Livingstone
Don should have retired but still works part time as Matt Parkes' watchman. He's dedicated to Matt - rather than James - but is a little slow.


Dale Mitchison - Gus Gallagher
Dale is Don's son and a driver for Parkes Haulage. He's a decent, hard-working type but has come under the influence of his friend James.


Daisy - Alexandra Morris
Seventeen-year-old Daisy is sweet, sexy and vulnerable. She's Jamie Parkes' current girlfriend.