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Stella Harris - Sinead Cusack (Young Stella - Georgina Beedle)

In her 60s, Stella is an elegant former actress, famous for her roles in cult 1960s British horror movies. She’s Midsomer’s favourite daughter, but never quite made the big time.


Diana Davenport - Harriet Walter (Young Diana - Thomasin Rand)

A Hollywood star and Stella’s younger sister, Diana left Midsomer 40 years ago after finding fame and a rich husband.


Cy Davenport - Henry Goodman

Cy is Diana’s bullish American producer husband and former stuntman.


Emma Harris - Anna Wilson-Jones

Stella’s daughter, in her 40s, who is attractive in an outdoorsy way. She has her own gardening business and is unimpressed by fame.


Rosie Harris - Alice Sykes

Rosie is Emma’s 16-year-old daughter and is into everything her mother isn’t – make-up, fashion, pop music, celebrity gossip...


Scott Davenport - Joseph Beattie

Diana and Cy’s son. Scott is a handsome drifter, living in Midsomer to avoid the temptations of Tinseltown, having fallen out with his parents.


Patrick Tilman - David Bark-Jones

A philandering property developer who rents a cottage to Eve Lomax and who is desperately hoping to sell Langley Hall to Cy and Diana.


Juliet Tilman - Pandora Clifford

Juliet is Patrick’s ice queen wife. She runs an organic vegetable box business.


Colin Yule - Pearce Quigley

A local film buff and founder of the Stella Harris Film Festival. He’s also an avid collector.


Perry Stevens - Samuel Anderson

Emma’s boyfriend and delivery man for Juliet’s business who’s long on looks and charm.


Eve Lomax - Sasha Waddell

A journalist friend of Emma Harris, who’s writing a book on Stella Harris.


Older Gentleman - John Carson

A smooth, aristocratic predator who features in one of Stella’s films.


Evil Priestess - Caroline Munro

A figure of glamorous evil in a Stella Harris movie.


Roderick Usher - Alexander Owen

Decadent scion of an ancient family in the cult films.