Main Characters & Roles


Delyth Mostyn - Sharon Morgan
An impressively beautiful woman of around 60, Delyth is a former teacher, recently divorced from her husband Huw, and mother of David and Megan. She's a keen member of the Midsomer Ramblers Club.


James Kirkwood - David Yelland
The senior partner in the Midsomer Market medical practice, wealthy, confident and in a secret relationship with Delyth.


Alan Delaney - Simon Wilson
A younger doctor in the same practice, Alan is quiet but popular.


Kath Bullard - Alwyne Taylor
Kath also works as a GP at the practice and is married to pathologist George Bullard.


Megan Mostyn - Jenny Livsey
The daughter of Delyth and Huw Mostyn, Megan is the practice manager in the Midsomer Market surgery.


David Mostyn - Daniel Evans
The son of Delyth and Huw, David runs a business selling imported cane furniture.


Bryn Williams - William Thomas
Tall and good-looking Bryn Williams is a cousin and good friend to Delyth Mostyn. He lives in Snowdonia next to a slate waste tip that was once a thriving quarry.


Huw Mostyn - Gareth Thomas
The violent ex-husband of Delyth, Huw's power was diminished by a recent stroke.


Harriet Tidyman - Elizabeth Conboy
Harriet is a smart businesswoman and successful estate agent in Midsomer, as well as being the on-off girlfriend of David Mostyn.


Jason Slater - John Lightboy
Jason is a small-time builder and odd-job man and lives with Megan Mostyn.


Dorothy Hutton - Stephanie Cole
Dorothy lives in a remote farmhouse where she keeps hens and llamas. She is the mother of James Kirkwood's late wife Sarah and still grieves for her daughter.


Clifford Rawnsley - Bill Moody
A bachelor pig farmer of some note, Clifford is in search of a wife and is very attracted to Delyth.


Justin Pickard - Nicholas Pritchard
A Causton solicitor.