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James Oswood (Samuel West)
A laid back devil-may-care type,worked in the city but has returned to the village and set up Gorgeous Georgians with his wife. Superficially successful but underneath a conflicted man.


Catherine 'Kitty@ Oswood (Claire Skinner)
Newly returned to the village with husband James, she is anxious to make Gorgeous Georgians a success and restore her family home.


Polly Oswood (Jodie Tyack)
James and Kitty's pink/purple-haired daughter, bolshy and full of attitude, going out with Ronin, big heart.


Doug Vaughan (Karl Theobald)
The village dweeb as a youngster, Doug has transformed himself into a successful businessman who sees himself as a visionary futurist. He is in fact driven by a sense of inferiority having been bullied at school by James.


Eleonor 'Nell' Fryer (Abigail Cruttenden)
Kitty's sensible, sound and protective sister, runs the local pub with her seemingly reliable husband. A measured and modest presence.


Ray Fryer (Nick Gleaves)
Gentle giant and pub landlord, an ex-copper turned publican, a critical mass in the village who struggles with buried emotions.


Walter Oswood (Paul Shelly)
James' dad, a former headmaster who was forced into early retirement, misses his former status and now has too much time on his hands.


Mary Oswood (Georgie Glen)
James's stepmother and pharmacist, wife to Walter. She manages the drone trial for the surgery, officious and not altogether happy about this venture for the village.


Gemma Christie (Susie Blake)
The head of the local Georgian group and owner of a local tea room dedicated to her heroine, Jane Austin. She is a self-appointed expert on all things Regency. Old-school in her attitudes.


Jane Everard (Thalissa Teixeira)
A plain Jane English rose, also a member of the Georgian public group who works as a receptionist at the local GPs. She is superficially shy but underneath, witty and ready to bloom.


Ronin Chow (Chris Lew Kum Hoi)
Works for Doug, a gamer who is into Polly, the drone aficionado and electronics whizz but also someone who desperately wants to get out of the village.


Solomon Franks (John Macmillan)
The local GP, hunk who is somewhat stiff, brooding and proud. Everyone's Mr. Darcy. Aloof but suddenly finds himself drawn to Jane.


Samantha Berry (Lottie Rice)
First victim, driven and determined, a terrier of a journalist.


Petra Antonescu (Anamaria Marinca)
A straight talker who disarms Winter.