Becky Tunstall - Holly Gilbert

Daughter of club president Will Tunstall, Becky is a nice middle-class girl. She's utterly gorgeous and knows it, using her charms to influence the young men of the village.


Darren Fountain - Jamie Belman

Darren is the son of Whiteoaks Golf Club steward Eileen Fountain and works in the shop. He aspires to be a pro and a full member. He's good looking but weak.


Colin Fountain - Luke Neal

Eileen's other son Colin is a giant of a man with morose features weathered by years of outdoor work. He's a greenkeeper at the golf club and is ill-treated by his mother.


Eileen Fountain - Maggie Ollerenshaw

Club steward Eileen is 60-ish, plump, rosy-cheeked and maternal in appearance. She lives in a rundown cottage, spoils her younger son Darren and treats Colin as a slave.


Martin Crisp - Nicholas Day

The trim captain of Whiteoaks Golf Club, Martin is obsessed with trying to buy back the country home once owned by his family - and gambled away by his grandfather.


Will Tunstall - John Standing

Club president Will is rich, in his late 50s but still king of the jungle - or so he thinks. He's the father of Becky, but has little parental control over her.


Alistair Kingslake - Rupert Vansittart

The alpha male of the self-styled golfing quartet The Silver Foxes, Alistair is loud, arrogant and bullying. He's determined to stop villagers from becoming full members.


Jerry Drinkwater - Nicholas Le Prevost

With his bloated golf bags, colourful outfits and hi-tech clubs, Drinkwater tries to match Kingslake but generally fails. Like Kingslake, he enjoys gambling on the greens.


Miles Tully - Graham Seed

Another well-to-do Silver Fox, Tully is less confrontational than his golfing buddies.


Ed Monkberry - Hugh Ross

Monkberry is a Silver Fox, but is lower key compared with Drinkwater and Kingslake.


Archie Kemp - Peter Hugo-Daly

The local garage proprietor, Kemp is an 'artisan' or village member of the golf club, who is allowed access only at certain times. His clothes and kit reflect his lowly status.


Harry Claypole - Geoffrey Hutchings

A local builder, Claypole is a village member but he has aspirations to greater things.


Clyde Patchett - Robert Perkins

Clyde is the handsome club pro, but disappointment and booze are taking their toll.