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Miriam le Fevre Hansen - 11/29/00 18:48:15
My Email:lefevre@image.dk
Favourite Episode: All of them!!

Hi! Great site - keep up the good work. Nice to know all there is to know about John Nettles and his work. Regards from a very big fan!!

James A. Davis - 11/28/00 17:31:31
My Email:James_Davis@Cochran.Senate.gov
Favourite Episode: Still Watching....

Listen, can they get any better, I ask? The ones I've managed to catch are simply superb in every way: excellent casting with such marvelous eccentrics, tight plots with twists and turns enough to satisfy the most jaded mystery buffs, and gorgeous, unsp ilt English settings. Can't wait for the next installment and am so glad this site is available. Thank you.

Ted - 11/26/00 23:58:23

We've had "Midsomer Murders" in the US for several months but not often enough. It's a classic, carefully written and produced and with superb acting.

Camilla from Denmark - 11/14/00 15:02:32
Favourite Episode: donīt know which one to pick

One of my friends forced me to see "just a couple of minutes of Midsomer Murders", and I am forever thankfull. The show is really good and plots are even better. John Nettles and Daniel Casey are a fine match and really worth the two hours.

frea verkerk/Holland - 11/01/00 23:05:42
My Email:frea@verkerk.nl.com
Favourite Episode: I like them all

Thank you for this site. We are planning our vacation for next year in England and now we know were to go to!

Ashley - 10/31/00 08:46:57
Favourite Episode: Death's Shadow, Written in Blood, Badger's Drift

I'm so excited! The MM's episode Death of a Stranger is finally being played over here in Australia. Hopefully we'll get to catch up on some of the others we've missed.

Susan - 10/19/00 22:56:27
My Email:HUG6875243@aol.com
Favourite Episode: Badger's Drift

A great site!!!!

Jeroen van Eden - 10/19/00 19:15:03
My Email:paradisepictures@hotmail.com
Favourite Episode: I like them all !!

Very good web-site, there's lots to do, I hope you will add some things more later.

dawn clegg - 10/07/00 10:58:02
My Email:dawn@dmclegg.fsnet.co.uk
Favourite Episode: every one of them

john is a brilliant actor and very good looking.hope to see more of him in the future.

kirsten hagg - 10/03/00 14:23:31
Favourite Episode: Death of a stranger.

ik vind Bergerac altijd leuk om te kijken als ik uit school kom. (ook goed voor m'n engels) Verder vind ik het jammer dat Midsomer Murders niet meer wordt uitgezonden, maar gelukkig heb ik er een paar op video staan. Alle Britten kunnen dit natuurlijk nie lezen, maar never mind. Bye!

Lilian Noble - 09/24/00 18:24:27

Thank-you so very much for providing this page for fans to view. How very kind and thoughtful of you. Take care of yourself.

david - 09/22/00 15:32:42

I said I'd look at your site in the Cock & Rabbit about two weeks ago !! Very interesting

Ashley - 09/19/00 05:26:24
My Email:drywater@bigpond.com
Favourite Episode: Death's Shadow

I'd have to say that the best thing about Midsomer Murders is the eerie music and the eccentric characters. By the way, why hasn't anyone else put "Death's Shadow" as their favourite one? Have they not seen it?

Ros - 09/06/00 13:48:57

I love it John Nettles should be knighted

dawn - 08/27/00 10:40:12
Favourite Episode: badger's drift

I have finally found a site about on of my fav shows on tv. Excellent site, loads of information and updates. To answer your question it wa cully in the utterly butterly advert.

An Extra - 08/25/00 15:41:12

Just thought I'd answer one of the questions below. MM's production company is Bentley Productions.

Ann Griggs - 08/20/00 12:38:03
My URL:http://www.griggso.4t.com
My Email:griggso@lineone.net
Favourite Episode: The killings at Badgers Drift

Hi! I love midsomer murders (esp. Sgt Troy) and i think its great to see such a brill fan site!! keep up the good work! Luv Ann xo

- 08/20/00 00:26:55
My Email:darylfeehely@esatclear.ie

Great Site. I'm Glad to see there are other fans out there. Midsomer Murders is shown on Saturday nights at 9:50 in Ireland, on Network 2.

Lizzy Hughes - 08/18/00 18:15:04
My Email:Leighton.wise@cwcom.net

Does anybody know the name of the company that actually produces the 'Midsomer murders'? What's the address?

Heath Ansaftie - 08/14/00 14:36:12

There is a new terrence alexader website, devoted mainly to bergerac's loveable rogue, charlie hungerford. http://myweb.ecomplanet.com/CHAR2951

Ted McClure - 08/13/00 20:21:45
My Email:tmcclure@dhs.ca.gov
Favourite Episode: Dead Man's Eleven

What was the name of the MM episode that played in January 2000 on A&E in USA?

BOB ENGLISH - 08/13/00 01:27:57


ryan pettman - 08/08/00 11:25:38
My URL:http://virgin net
My Email:garypettman@virgin.net
Favourite Episode: all of them

i think missomer nurders is the best drama that you can watch on t.v - the plots are ingenius!

ryan pettman - 08/08/00 11:23:26


Alex Orchard-Lisle - 08/03/00 16:25:10
My URL:http://Newbury
My Email:None
Favourite Episode: Faithful Unto Death

Excellent and amazing pages. Try to visit this site every other day since I found it earlier this year.Also visited some of your locations. Favourite episode has to to be 'Faithful Unto Death' because of it's stunning mix of wit and tragedy by writer Doug as Watkinson.

Jess, Stockton On Tees - 07/27/00 20:43:36

I love the site and Midsomer Murders.My favourite actor is Daniel Casey.I've met him and he's really nice.

Susan - 07/25/00 19:40:26
My Email:susan@wcs.k12.va.us
Favourite Episode: All of them!

Wonderful website! It's very informative, and I will visit it again and again. I watch Midsomer Murders on A&E, and I think that the stories are fantastic. I have spent much of the summer reading Caroline Graham's novels as well. Keep up the impressiv work on the website, Joan!!!

Anne - 04/30/00 16:47:27
Favourite Episode: Written in Blood

What an absolutely rivetting web site. My favourite episode has to be Written in Blood because of the extremely brilliant actor David Troughton.

Michelle - 04/21/00 17:29:52
My Email:michelle@riley15.freeserve.co.uk
Favourite Episode: Judgement Day

Just wanted to say how great the website is. It is refreshing to find an informative site, which gives locations and all details of the series. Keep up the good work!

Gail, Oxfordshire, England - 04/02/00 15:15:09
My Email:krycek@gail97.fsnet.co.uk
Favourite Episode: All of them

Excellent site, Midsomer Murders is most definitely the best show on TV here in England, and it has the added bonus of being filmed in the County where I live. Keep up the Excellent work. Lets hope we see more of John Nettles and Daniel Casey!

Frans van Rijnswou - 03/28/00 11:38:42
My Email:fvrtravel@yahoo.com

Een erg leuke serie. Engelser dan de Engelsen zelf

Sarah - 03/18/00 09:20:28
My Email:carlom@iexpress.net.au
Favourite Episode: All of them!

I thoroughly enjoy this series. Friday nights don't come around fast enough! I admit to being a serious anglophile, and love seeing all the picturesque locations, not to mention trying to solve the mystery before anyone else in my family does. Keep up the good work!

Wendy from South Australia - 03/12/00 00:53:55
My Email:waye@granite.net.au
Favourite Episode: all

I am just so addicted to this show - is is not on often enough for me. I look forward to Friday nights after a tough week at work to watch the guys solve the latest murders. I love it. I drive my family crazy wanting to watch in without interruptions. Are there any othe Aussie viewers out there like me? Keep up the great work with the site.

Gloria Montgomery USA - 02/27/00 06:52:49
My Email:Quest1943@hotmail.com
Favourite Episode: Written in Blood

A first rate series! I particularly enjoy watching the episodes while matching up location photos from your excellent website. I love all the terrific actors and bizarre storyline in Written in Blood, but have thoroughly enjoyed every one of the episode shown so far in the USA. We're all looking forward to upcoming tidbits on this excellent series. Keep up the good work on this site, Joan! Sincerely, Gloria Montgomery, Burr Ridge, Illinois (suburb of Chicago) USA

Patty - 02/16/00 22:19:36
My Email:pleyore@aol.com
Favourite Episode: I like them all!!!!!

I'm extremely happy that A&E shows Midsomer Murders. It's an excellent series,and makes a nice change from regular TV.

M.B. - 02/13/00 18:35:57
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ne/santabarbara/
My Email:mvdbroek81@hotmail.com
Favourite Episode: Death in Disguise

MIDSOMER MURDER is currently my favorite TV show. The acting is suberb! And so is your website! I really liked reading the information on your page. My favorite episode is "Death In Disguise" because that it had the best actors, but I also liked "Strangle 's Wood" a great deal.

Trace - 02/05/00 13:26:35
My Email:tracewilliams@yahoo.com
Favourite Episode: Blue Herring

Just wanted to say that this is a great website - looking forward to more being added to it. MM is a brilliant series, good acting, great storylines and John Nettles.....what more could you want ?!

Joan - 02/05/00 10:35:12


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