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As a fairground is set up on the village green, Harry Wyham is watched by daredevil Butch Nevins as he threatens Butch's son Sean and speaks furtively with landlady Rowena Deeley. Returning to the Wyham's stables, Harry goes to investigate a noise from the stable block only to become unsteady on his feet. He collapses and is dragged into a stall where a gunshot sends a frightened horse berserk. Harry's prone body is trampled.


The Barnaby's are packing for their holiday and discussing where to leave Sykes when news comes of the murder. At the stables Kam discovers bullet holes from a gun and Barnaby calls for an immediate search. Stable manager Rod Breeze and his wife Geri reveal that Harry recently took the stables over from his father, Jasper, but his plans for expansion had upset the villagers. Harry's parents, Jasper and Serena, reveal that Harry has a daughter, Amy, whose estranged mother, Jessica Myerscough, still lives nearby; whilst Harry's sister, Beth, explains that Harry was last seen in the pub. Niall and Rowena claim that vet Clara Myerscough and Butch Nevins were most upset with Harry's plans. Jessica tells Nelson her divorce from Harry was amicable and Clara plays down Harry's efforts to evict her. Butch makes light of his battles with Harry and sons Sean and Dale claim Harry never came to the fair. Sean's affair with Beth becomes apparent as he asks her to back him up. Butch and Dale narrowly escape death when an armed assassin is distracted at the crucial moment at the Wall of Death.


Jessica's story is questioned when it's revealed the Wyham's had a restraining order put on her. Kam reveals that Harry was killed by ketamine and finds paint proving he visited the fair. A search of the fair recovers the gun and Sean is arrested. Jasper confronts Butch over Beth. Sean admits to fighting Harry but denies murder. Butch warns Clara off after she sees a romantic moment between Butch and Geri. Horses are stolen from the Wyham's stables. Barnaby discovers a number of ketamine phials there which he traces back to the Myerscough's surgery which was also broken into: are the thefts linked to the murder? Jessica furious when Clara appeals to Serena to soften her stance on Amy backfire. Niall is dismayed to learn Rowena was secretly selling their pub to Harry. Clara is murdered: incapacitated by a cattle­- prod and drowned in a hydro­-pool.


The stolen horses are recovered with some distinctive beer bottles. Barnaby and Nelson trace the horsebox used in the theft to Butch, and when Trina refuses to give him an alibi Butch admits to his affair with Geri. Rod is arrested when his fingerprints are found on the beer bottles. He admits to the horse theft but refuses to give names. Butch and Dale fall out. Nelson deduces that the break­-in at the vets was staged and finds Jessica behaving strangely. Barnaby goes to speak to Dale about the horsebox but finds him murdered: stabbed by a pole in the wall of death.


Barnaby locks down the fair, Jessica goes AWOL and Butch goes to Serena. Barnaby and Nelson learn the Wyham­-Nevins feud began in 1980. Amy is abducted and Serena goes searching. Jasper reveals that Butch got Serena pregnant in 1979 and that the baby was secretly given up for adoption, only for this child to contact them out of the blue about their own sick child. Realising the sick child was Niall and Rowena's, they head off in pursuit when Rowena's car is spotted nearby, only to discover Rowena was reuniting Amy with her mother. Barnaby and Nelson race against time to the pub, where the killer has taken two terrified hostages&ldots;