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Lady of the manor. Classy, private and controlled, but with a rebellious streak. Mother to Harry and Beth, and grandmother to Amy, Serena created a scandal in her teens when she fell pregnant by Butch whilst being engaged to Jasper. Jasper stood by her and the child was secretly put up for adoption. Only her best friend Clara remembers this episode in Serena's past, but their relationship has been put under strain by Harry and Jessica's messy divorce.


Lord of the manor. A forceful patriarch; emotionally inarticulate, his desire to protect his family can lead to draconian measures. Father to Harry and Beth and grandfather to Amy. He built up the family's successful equestrian centre from scratch with right­- hand man Rod and is fiercely proud of what he's achieved, but recently handed the reins of power to Harry. He has a long­-standing feud with Wall­-of­-Death owner Butch Nevins, ostensibly over the disruption caused by the fair, but truly because of Butch's history with Serena.


The heir apparent. Impulsive, arrogant and ambitious, Harry recently took over the business when Jasper retired, only to unveil big expansion plans which put him at odds with many of the villagers. He's been dismissive of the villagers concerns, a position which has put him at odds with his own family, and has recently discovered that his younger sister is involved with the Nevins'.


Jasper and Serena's youngest child, Beth is a passionate teenager who is in love with Sean Nevins. She's constantly in conflict with her parents about the decisions she makes in life, and is drawn to the warmth of the Nevins family and how they look out for each other, which makes a stark contrast to the upbringing she has had.


Daughter of Harry Wyham and Jessica Myerscough. Amy is Jasper and Serena's granddaughter, and the pawn in the middle of an acrimonious custody battle. The adults in her life do what they think is best for her but the consequences have led to bitterness. She's looked after from time­-to­-time by Rowena Deeley, who is only too happy to nanny her.


Head of the Nevins clan. Rugged, sexy, and effortlessly charming Butch is a born showman who's the star attraction on the Wall­of­Death. He's the father of Sean and Dale, and most likely an unknown number of illegitimate children. His long­-standing marriage to Trina has only just survived his myriad of infidelities, and so when he begins an affair with stable lass Geri he knows he's on thin ice.


Matriarch of the Nevins clan. Mother of Sean and Dale. Trina's blessed with a dry sense of humour, a can­do attitude, and the biggest heart you could find. She's the perfect match for Butch and they've built a happy life together and created a warm family unit. However, years of watching her husband having affairs has challenged her love for him, and the time has come to take back control of her life and look out for herself and her boys.


Butch and Trina's eldest son. A co­performer with his father on the Wall­-of­-Death, Dale is made in the image of his father, but lacks his father's warmth and playfulness. Calculating and ambitious, he believes the fair's being held back by Butch and is frustrated by his father's lack of vision. Whereas he once idolised his father, Butch is now slipping in his eyes from being the hero he once thought he was.


Butch and Trina's youngest son. Very much the baby of the bunch, Sean's a beguiling lad who's inherited his father's good looks and the devil's own charm. In love with Beth, and a romantic at heart, Sean's youthful optimism will be stretched to the limit when his affair is discovered and the Wyham's go after him.


Landlord of the pub. Married to Rowena, Niall is a relative newcomer to the village. He and Rowena moved to the village for a fresh start having lost a child to illness.


Landlady of the pub. Married to Niall. Fragile and untrusting, an occasional baby­- sitter for baby Amy, Rowena is haunted by the child they lost and desires having another more than anything. Alarmed that their rural idyll is proving a financial nightmare, and aware their opportunities for IVF are diminishing, she has secretly been trying to sell the pub behind Niall's back.


Contemporary of Jasper, Serena and Butch. Clara is the local vet and the mother of Jessica who now lives with her above the practise. She's desperate to reunite her granddaughter with her daughter. Best friends with Serena since school, their friendship has recently foundered upon their children's hostile divorce, especially in light of Harry's plans to evict her from her practice. Clara knows all about Serena's illegitimate child but doesn't know the child survived.


Ex­wife of Harry and mother of Amy. Energetic, erratic but resourceful, Jessica was a wild child who was unable to curb her hedonistic lifestyle upon marrying Harry and found herself on the receiving end of an acrimonious divorce settlement. Painted in the worst possible light during the custody hearing, she responded angrily and ended up with a restraining order. Bitter about the Wyham's treatment of her, she's desperate to get her child back and will do anything to make that happen.


Manager of the Wyham's Stables. Loyal, trusting and content with his lot, Rod is Jasper's right hand man at the stables. However, when Harry gives him his marching orders he decides to retaliate by hitting the business where it hurts and get mixed up in a scam to steal valuable horses betraying Jasper's trust. He's married to Geri, who has started an affair with Butch.


Married to Rod. Works at the stables with her husband but has become disillusioned as Rod allows himself be pushed around by everyone. Longing for a little romance and excitement to brighten up her humdrum existence she has become embroiled in a steamy affair with serial philanderer Butch.