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MEERA SYAL - Clara Myserscough

Playing the role of an equine vet meant that Meera Syal had to get up close and personal with the horses on set.


She explains just how close: "The most challenging thing I had to do was examine a horse's teeth and eyes! I was actually disappointed, I wouldn't have minded getting a bit messier. I grew up in the country and my friend had a horse which I got to ride on and off through my teenage years. So I wasn't scared at all, in fact it made me want to get back into riding!"


Meera explains how her character, Clara, fits into this episode of MIDSOMER MURDERS.

"Clara's had rather a difficult life. She is divorced and has had to deal with a daughter who's struggled with addiction problems."


"As ever the episode starts with a murder and it's someone intimately connected with Clara's family. This sets into motion a whole set of events that just escalate, and you discover that the murder is a consequence of events that happened long ago, connecting certain people including Clara."


"It all gets extremely messy and personal. There are lots of juicy undercurrents and a rather intriguing history to explore."


As expected, the final episode boasts even more talented guest actors, including old friends of Meera's and those she has previously worked alongside.

"I got to work with some lovely actors like David Yelland, who reminded me that we filmed together over 20 years ago when he ended up dying with me sobbing at his bedside."


"And I also had one scene with my great friend Manjinder Virk and we did actually manage to do a bit of acting in between the gossip and the catching up."


Meera continues: "It was my first Midsomer appearance and it was really great fun. It's great to be part of such a classic show and you know you're in safe hands. The regular cast and crew are all so comfortable with each other so it's a very happy set."


"You can see why it's been consistently popular over so many years, good old­- fashioned murder mystery in a beautiful setting but with a twist. I also think it's the contrast between the idyllic pretty village and its well above average murder rate!"