Charles King - John Castle
A shrewd, handsome businessman and the worshipful master of Midsomer Magna's Masonic Lodge, Charles is the co-owner of King's Crystal, a glassworks factory. As the company faces financial difficulties, Charles hopes for a solution in China.


Hilary King - Susan Tracy
Hilary is a strong, attractive woman and the wife of Alan King. She has an uneasy relationship with her son, Ian, although they share a love of plants. Hilary collects and dries wild flowers as a hobby.


Ian King - Sam Heughan
The son of Alan and Hilary King, Ian is a PhD student of botany. He's bright and sensitive and was once linked with Sophie Baxter, although he now prefers the company of his close friend David Monroe.


Peter Baxter - Ray Lonnen
The accountant at King's Crystal, Peter is a well-fed, hard-nosed, arrogant man, who's impatient with the world. He has few friends in the village, particularly among the workers at King's Crystal.


Sophie Baxter - Flora Montgomery
Gentle and artistic Sophie lives with her father Peter in Midsomer Magna, although they are not particularly close. She is in love with Ian King but it is unrequited.


James Taylor - Joseph Rye
James is a young monumental mason and undertaker who's been in love with Sophie since they were childhood sweethearts. He is a dedicated member of the Lodge.


Jack Tewson - Tony Haygarth
In his late 50s, Tewson is a skilled glassblower and workforce leader at King's Crystal. After working all his life he was looking forward to a comfortable retirement, and is devastated that the company faces ruin.


David Monrow - Tim Delap
David is in his 20s, and a student with Ian, who accompanies him to Midsomer Magna. He's gay but not camp and is devoted to Ian.


Alan King - David Firth
The co-owner of King's Crystal, Alan is Charles' older brother. A former drama teacher to Cully Barnaby, he loves the craft of glassblowing but leaves his brother and their accountant Peter Baxter to run the business side.


Harold Bumstead - Hugh Sachs
A larger-than-life drama director who is staging the first production at the refurbished Midsomer open air theatre.