Main Characters - Roles


Annie Woodrow - Saskia Wickham
Annie is a charity worker in her 40s, glamorous and attractive. She feels trapped in her marriage to Lance. She has been in custody for most of the past year, charged with the murder of Frances Trevelyan, her best friend from school.


Lance Woodrow - Miles Anderson
Lance is a record producer who has hit the big time by launching successful girl bands. Suave and full of himself, he has a reputation as a lady killer. Since Annie has been in jail, Lance has become close to his assistant Felicity.


Felicity - Helen Dallimore
Assistant to Lance Woodrow, Felicity is young, sexy and devoted to her boss.


John Trevelyan - Brian Protheroe
John lives with his two daughters in Midsomer Malham. His wife Frances was battered to death with a cast iron milk pan. He is dreading having to relive the horrors of her murder when Annie Woodrow stands trial.


Sophie Trevelyan - Rosa Hoskins
Sophie is 18 and has done her best to support her father since her mother's murder.


Ed Trevelyan - Emily Gloyens
Twelve-year-old Ed is precocious and doesn't believe Annie killed her mother.


Mark Thomas - David Birrell
A reporter for the Causton Advertiser, Mark knows the Midsomer patch well, as well as many of its residents.


Jamie Cramner - Jamie Glover
Jamie works as an antiques dealer in Midsomer and is always on the look out for a good deal. He lives in a big period house with his wife Tanya and two children.


Mrs Beverley - Thelma Barlow
A long time resident of Midsomer Malham, Mrs Beverley sold her home to live in sheltered housing. She is in her 70s and frail, but with a spirited and independent character.


Pru Plunkett - Siobhan Redmond
Pru is a criminal psychiatrist and long trusted contact of Barnaby's. She wears ethnic flowing clothes and has wild hair. She's always happy to speak her mind.