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Rev Martha Hillcott - Rebecca Front

Not your average village vicar, Martha is cool, collected and sharp as a tack. She has a certain sex appeal and uses charm and humour to disarm and persuade. She's a political beast and ambitious too.


Prof Philip Hamilton - Vincent Regan

A respected academic and an authority on medieval art, Hamilton has an intense, restless energy and a considerable ego. He likes to cultivate a reputation as a ladies man.


Frank Dewar - Paul Copley

Tacit, stoic and grumpy, Frank is considered a pillar of the community. He was widowed in his late 30s and left to bring up his only son, Michael. Their relationship is troubled.


Michael Dewar - William Beck

A man on a downward spiral. Deep down, Michael's a sensitive soul but alcohol has made him hostile and bitter. He's struggling to deal with his wife Nancy leaving him.


Rev Arthur Gould - Michael Jayston

The vicar of St. Claire for almost 25 years before he retired because of ill health. Gould's an Old Testament, fire and brimstone preacher who knows his time is up. He is utterly devoted to his only daughter, Ava.


Ava Gould - Andrea Lowe

Strong, feisty and equally devoted to her father, Ava is a popular member of the community with a reputation for being frank. She's currently in conflict with Martha over her attempts to evict her dad from the manse.


Ewan Evans - Gerard Horan

Big-mouthed and warm-hearted, Ewan wants to pass his mini-market on to his reluctant son, Noah. Ewan can be gauche but he's a good mate and a glass half-full kind of guy.


Noah Evans - William Postlethwaite

Noah recently graduated from Art School and is back home to decide what to do with his life. He's talented, ambitious and has a strong sense of who he is. If only he could tell his dad&ldots;


Zach Lime - Ben Bailey Smith

Smart, wry and laid back, Zach came to St. Claire when he got a job with the River Authority. He loves the work because it means he gets to spend time with Ava whom he adores.


Victor Spencer - Roy Hudd

Upright, cheerful and dedicated to St. Claire, Victor has a strong sense of civic duty and spends much of his time working for the good of the village with his wife Stella.


Stella Spencer - Patricia Brake

Pleasant, docile and a little timid, Stella isn't as devoted to the village as her husband, but she's devoted to him.