Aloysius Wilmington - Stuart Wilson
Aloysius wears his long silver hair in a pony tail. Relaxed and confident, he has an attractive, commanding presence and is locally known as The Magus.


Simon Wilmington - Dominic Rowan
The feckless and wayward nephew to Aloysius, Simon lives with his uncle and is his heir.


Ernest Balliol - Ronald Pickup
Ernest is the proprietor of Magicmaister.com, purveyor of magical artefacts to believers. He cultivates the corduroy look of the countryman.


Estelle Balliol - Brigit Forsyth
Ernest's second wife Estelle dresses in tweeds and sensible shoes. She's a keen gardener and stepmother to Tristan and Isolde.


Isolde Balliol - Rachel Pickup
Isolde mingles New Age fashion with late-sixties hippy. She is a ruthless believer in anything magical and whacky, the more unlikely the better. Isolde often has a vacant, far-away smile on her lips.


Tristan Balliol - Tom Goodman-Hill
A down-to-earth solicitor, Tristan is good at his job and critical of the rest of the family's obsession with magic.


Rosemary Balliol - Rosemary McHale
Rosemary is Ernest's first wife and mother to Tristan and Isolde. She has lost her mind and is being cared for at home, with difficulty, by her son.


Christine Turner - Sian Brooke
Christine is a nurse employed by Tristan to care for his mother. An attractive and affectionate woman, she is dedicated to her difficult patient.


Hugo Cartwright - Michael Fitzgerald
The proprietor of an antiquarian bookshop, Hugo is overweight, sweating and short-tempered.


Anton Thorneycroft - David Roper
The village butcher and an enthusiastic member of the Midsomer Magic Circle.


Felicity Brand - Vivien Heilbron
A schoolteacher, member of the Midsomer Magic Circle and enthusiastic fan of Gilbert & Sullivan - something she shares surreptitiously with a married man.


Jean Wildacre - Kate Crutchley
A healthy and contented grandmother and assistant in Aloysius's magic show.