Sir Michael Fielding - James Fox
An internationally renowned pianist dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, particularly among the young. He's fiercely intense and has the energy of a man half his age.


Miriam Fielding - Sylvestra Le Touzel
Sir Michael's elder daughter, Miriam is in awe of her father's genius and doesn't suffer fools. She runs the Devington Manor Winter School for aspiring young music students.


Constance Fielding - Frances Barber
The younger daughter of Sir Michael, more open and affable than her sister. She lives with Miriam and Sir Michael at Devington and runs the music school with them.


Zoe Stock - Lydia Wilson
Zoe, 18, is a beautiful girl and a talented but unassuming young musician, surprised by her own potential. But her brilliance is threatened by her nerves.


Terry Stock - Ian Puleston-Davies
Zoe's down-to-earth father, once a special policeman, who is anxious to protect Zoe.


Dawn Stock - Janet Dibley
A grounded northern woman who is bemused to find her daughter is a musical prodigy.


Simon Sharpe - Michael Maloney
Simon is the over-anxious father of Francesca and obsessively ambitious for his daughter, wanting no distractions in her path to musical glory.


Francesca Sharpe - Katherine Press
A talented musician who is over-burdened by her father's determination for her to succeed. She's desperate to escape his clutches.


Orlando Guest - Matthew James Thomas
An overtly expressive 18-year-old musician, aware of his attractiveness to young women and keen to use his talents to get what he wants.


Benedict Marsh - Richard Fleeshman
Benedict, 18, is self-taught and single-mindedly determined to make his own way in the musical world. Rejection is not in his vocabulary.


Penelope Guest - Nadia Cameron-Blakey
Orlando's mother Penelope is a confident and curvaceous woman willing to exploit her beauty to further her son's career.


Rev Gregory and Sister Agnes - Clifford Rose and Elizabeth Bell
Rev Gregory is Rector of Saint Cecilia's Abbey, where Sister Agnes is a nun on the staff.


Jonas Slee - Harry Myers
In his 40s, a petty criminal, now landlord of The Devington Arms pub.