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Ted Denning - Ian Redford

A powerful and paternalistic but irascible man in his 60s, who is owner of the Binwell Estate. Ted is scarred by the murder of his son Daniel 18 years earlier.


Deirdre Denning - Lisa Dillon

Ted's daughter Deirdre has a tough and caustic manner but this fails to hide the emotional scars left by the murder of her brother Daniel and early desertion by her mother.


Mandy Gideon - Sharon Duce

Mandy is manager of the Binwell shoot and the not-so-secret partner of Ted Denning. She has two sons, Will and Kyle, who also work on the estate.


Will Gideon - Sam Callis

Will Gideon is the elder and steadier of Mandy's two sons. He's manager of Home Farm, part of the Binwell Estate.


Kyle Gideon - Rupert Hill

The quick tempered younger brother of Will, whose uneasy companionship with Deirdre stems from the fact that they were both witnesses in the trial of Daniel Denning's murderer.


Grady Felton - Jack Pierce

Facially scarred and heavily tattooed, Grady is in his 30s. He was convicted 18 years ago for the brutal murder of his childhood friend Daniel Denning. He's now out on licence.


Fred Burns - Dylan Brown

Another childhood friend of Daniel's, Fred is a local bad boy currently facing trial for drug dealing.


Gareth Dunbar - Jamie Michie

Fit, tanned and charming with a soft Scots brogue voice, Gareth is Sarah Barnaby's personal trainer who also runs military fitness classes for coppers.


Susie Bellingham - Georgia Mackenzie

An attractive fire officer in Midsomer, whose current boyfriend is Ben Jones.