Gerald Farquaharson - Kevin R McNally
Lord of the Manor who genuinely cares about the village of Midsomer Morchard. He's popular, warm, avuncular and self-effacing with a love of sport. He's also a gambler.


Sebastian Farquaharson - Matthew Douglas
Gerald's son Sebastian is a big second row forward with a bovine personality. He's confrontational and shows little warmth, even to his wife.


Camilla Farquaharson - Daniela Denby-Ashe
Sebastian's wife Camilla is attractive and desperate to please. She has a skittish vulnerability which she knows how to turn to her advantage.


Giles Braithwaite - Ken Bones
A contemporary of Gerald Farquaharson at Oxford, Giles is a dry solicitor whose wry smile betrays a more hedonistic life away from the office.


Iris Holman - Michelle Fairley
Iris is Giles' assistant. She's buttoned up and repressed and her bitterness is not helped by her unrequited love for her boss.


Frank Bishop - Glen Murphy
A boxing promoter and self-made man from the East End of London, Frank is a ruthless and duplicitous wheeler-dealer, perceived as a likeable rough diamond by those who don't know him so well.


Grace Bishop - Camille Coduri
Frank's wife Grace is earthy, no-nonsense and says what she thinks. She's friendly, warm and caring with no airs to her, but doesn't hide her antipathy for her husband.


Teddy Molloy - Phil Daniels
An ex-boxer turned trainer who is still fit and wiry. He's guarded and subdued around Frank Bishop, but expansive with Grace and Kinsella.


John Kinsella - Henry Garrett
John Kinsella is a middleweight boxer who was rescued from an institution as a boy. He's a womaniser but very personable, so is consequently tolerated and liked.


Libby Morris - Deirdre Mullins
In her late 20s, Libby is a sculptor. She's engaged to Ken Tuohy but is resentful at being shackled by bourgeois conventions.


Ronnie Milsom - Tony Barton
Ronnie is a Midsomer bookmaker who's down on his luck.


Ken Tuohy - Daniel Llewelyn-Williams
A big muscular blacksmith, Ken's resentment at having to take second place to his fiancée's work is further stoked by a suspicion that she's having an affair.