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Max Fuller - Will Knightley

A well-heeled, vain bachelor in his 60s, who lives in London.


Paddy Powell - Kevin Doyle

A self-important publican with an aversion to hard work and serving customers.


Claire Powell - Holly Aird

Paddy's wife and the talented pub chef. She's a hard-working doormat.


Commodore - John Woodvine

A down-to-earth, ex-naval officer who's an easy-going pub regular.


Josie Palmer - Sophie Stanton

Barmaid Josie is blowsy and a bit judgemental, especially about the cult moving in.


Lee and Kevin - Greg Sheffield and Jack Crutch

A pair of wise-cracking, bored local teenagers who enjoy taunting the cult members.


Mr & Mrs Oliver - Richard Albrecht and Heather Tobias

A couple who are worried about their daughter Lucy's disappearance.


Dominic Segal - Paul Hilton

The charismatic head of the Oblong Foundation, he is a lifestyle guru with a mission.


Freddie Raft - Josephine Butler

A cheerful ex-accountant and the pragmatic brains behind the Oblong Foundation.


Ruth Lambert - Charity Wakefield

A sensitive beauty looking for meaning in life, Ruth inherited Malham Hall after her parents' death and handed it over to the Oblong Foundation.


Blaze Leadbetter - Christine Bottomley

Feisty and attractive, Blaze is drawn to Jones when he goes undercover at the cult.


Combover Guy - Simon Day

A recruit on the Oblong Foundation's induction course who is hoping to find free love.


Crusty - Tom Fisher

A new-ager in his 50s whose narrowboat home was moored near the Lamberts.


Susan Crane - Francesca Hunt

An efficient solicitor who was executor of Jeremy and Carolyn Lamberts' wills.


Millie Bullard - Barbara Flynn

George's sister Millie is an ultra fussy dog minder and a formidable spinster.


Lucy Oliver - Elizabeth Crarer

A spiky-haired mixed-up young woman who got caught up with the Oblong Foundation.