ITV3 14th September 2010


ITV3 continues its profile of some of the small screen's greatest detecting icons. Each detective featured has been nominated in the 'The People's Detective' Dagger category at this year's Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards, and the winner will be decided by the public.

Under the spotlight this week are WJ Burley's laconic Cornish Detective Superintendent Charles Wycliffe and Caroline Graham's Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, who has jurisdiction over the idyllic - but surprisingly bloody - villages of Midsomer. Played on screen by Jack Shephard and John Nettles respectively, these investigators have proved immensely popular with viewers.

The programme features interviews with Shephard and Nettles along with the creators of the series, onscreen sidekicks and others involved in bringing these fictional crime-solvers to the screen. There is also an examination of the statistics from their sleuthing careers comparing their successes and failures, an exploration of their toughest challenges and greatest triumphs and a wealth of archive footage. A classic Midsomer Murders episode can be seen immediately after this programme, and a classic Wycliffe episode after the repeat showing on Thursday evening.