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Steve Pemberton - Timothy Benson

Steve Pemberton tells us about his character in Midsomer Murders and his relationship to a certain fluffy creature.

'My character's name is Timothy and he is a champion rabbit breeder. Timothy runs a pet shop with his soon-to-be ex-wife who has thrown him out because he cares more about the rabbit than he does about her. The episode centres around a pet show where my character's rabbit has been the champion for the past few years running, his name is Hercules.

'Suddenly there is a murder in the middle of the show and a body is discovered with all of these rabbits and guinea pigs, who's cages have all been mysteriously opened, freely hopping around it. My rabbit, Hercules, mysteriously goes missing and unsurprisingly, Timothy is more concerned about his missing rabbit than he is about the murder that has taken place.'

Having not worked with rabbits prior to this, Steve tells us of this strange experience.

'I had never worked with rabbits before but they were very good actually. There were great professionals on hand to show us what to do and the rabbits were a lot easier to work with than most other animals I have encountered on a set. My rabbit was very placid and we had a great working relationship...'

Whilst working with rabbits was an unexpected treat, Steve also enjoyed working with his fellow actors.

'I did quite a few scenes with Sara Crow who played my soon-to-be ex-wife and we got on very well. Everyone was really lovely in the cast. We also had Amit Shah who had been in a few episodes of Benidorm so I knew him as well.

One of the best parts about being in Midsomer Murders for Steve was filming in all of the beautiful locations.

'It was very pleasant because you go to these beautiful locations in the countryside, not too far out from London and you get to see a whole other side to the country. It's this idyllic, typically English countryside. In a couple of locations we filmed in I got serious house and garden envy. We had great weather too so it was fantastic to sit around chatting to the other actors in these beautiful locations, it was really great.'

Steve reveals what it was like working with the Midsomer cast and crew.

'Neil (Dudgeon) and Nick (Hendrix), the two returning characters, are so friendly and welcoming and they really enjoy having new guest stars each episode to work with. The crew, many of whom have been doing it fora longtime, are fantastic. The show is an institution now and it's so nice to be asked, it was great to join the long and distinguished list of people who have appeared in an episode of Midsomer.

'There is a nice vein of humour running through the drama and it's comforting. It's like comfort food on the television!'