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Archaeologist Penny Henderson unearths a skeleton and dig leader Zoe Dyer triumphantly proclaims it to be "Cicely". The team celebrate in the local pub but the church committee are hostile and Rhiannon Sawney shoves Zoe. Back at the dig site that night, Zoe swigs champagne waiting for someone, only to be chloroformed, thrown in a pit, and buried alive&ldots;


The Barnaby's enjoy a lie in and Kam and Nelson play tennis until news of the murder arrives. At the site Nelson explains the archaeologists are looking for the remains of protestant martyr Cicely Milson and Penny tells them they've been plagued by nighthawks with metal detectors looking for buried treasure known as the Milson hoard. Dig assistant Dexter Ingram explains the villagers are upset because they believe they already have the bones in the local church. Pub landlord Jared suggests Zoe should have been more respectful of Cicely Day. At the church, Rev Peter claims his brother, Christopher, is on a hostile crusade but historian Christopher suggests Peter has appropriated Cicely for his own ends. Working late at the dig site, Dexter heads out to investigate a noise, only to return to the site office to find it's been trashed.


Barnaby gives Zoe's husband Alex 48 hours to finish up the site. Nelson searches the campsite for the stolen items. Barnaby visits local farmer Hannah Dewsbrough who has been threatening nighthawks with a gun. Tempers flare at the church committee when Bartholomew suggests they scale back Cicely Day. Alex tells a dismayed Christopher his services are no longer required on the dig. Barnaby and Nelson confront Penny about a threatening message she left Zoe. Suspicion grows on Alex when it becomes clear he stood to gain financially from Zoe's death and Dexter is revealed to have been having and an affair with Zoe. An anxious Peter approaches Jared with news the digging has restarted. Alex sacks Dexter, before being lured into the churchyard where he's chloroformed and crushed by a gravestone. Barnaby confronts Peter: everyone who tries to debunk his Cicely story dies. Christopher takes control of the dig. Rhiannon's affair with Bartholomew comes to light. Christopher blames Peter when his research is stolen. The Cicely memorial is destroyed and Peter accuses Christopher of trying to ruin Cicely Day. Nelson gets a fresh lead when he discovers that the previous priest, Rev James, was attacked during a break in when an altar set was stolen. Christopher publicly denounces Peter when he sees his stolen research on the bonfire. Jared discovers he's being blackmailed when he finds a candlestick and note in the cellar. Christopher is on the phone at home when he's run through with a pike.


Penny packs up the dig site. Kam makes a breakthrough when forensics link Jared to the attack on Rev James. Barnaby and Nelson rush to the woods where Jared is confronting his blackmailer Noah. Noah explains he accidentally found the altar set but confesses to being a nighthawk. Jared admits to attacking Rev. James but reveals Peter helped him cover it up saying he needed Jared to back up his Cicely claims. Rhiannon leaves Noah only for Bartholomew to reject her. Barnaby and Nelson discover that Dexter is actually a nighthawk and realise the Milson treasure has been discovered. Penny is poised to leave when she's locked in a storage unit and her car is stolen. Dexter is caught and the altar set is recovered. Peter has stolen Penny's car and back at the church encounters Kam inspecting the bones in the crypt. Barnaby and Nelson need to get to the church in time to save Kam from an angry killer&ldots;