Gwen Morrison - Marian McLoughlin
Gwen is a widow in her 50s. She's well turned out in a conservative way. She used to work as an extra but now runs a charity shop. The arrival of a film crew in Midsomer Magna gives her an opportunity to get back into showbusiness.


Neville Hayward - Richard Hope
A former extra, Neville shares a home with his sister-in-law Gwen and lives on his nerves. He is not pleased to see Nick Cheyney back in Midsomer.


Jed Norris - Jonathan Moore
Jed has spent his life ducking and diving on the edge of the law and the strain is beginning to show in his appearance.


Danny Twyman - Kieran Bew
The boyfriend of Leonie Charteris, Danny is good looking and runs the local minibus service.


Leonie Charteris - Emily Hamilton
Leonie's from a fairly affluent background but is now the mother of a 15-month-old son so is slightly harassed. She helps Gwen in the charity shop.


Nick Cheyney - Jay Villiers
A film director on a downward slope, Nick has worked with the greats but resents being consigned to a remake of 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'.


Terence Charteris - Nicky Henson
Terence is a self-made businessman who lives in Magna Manor. He has money but little finesse. He hopes to cash in on the manor by making the film there.


Diane Charteris - Fiona Mollison
Diane is Terence's long-suffering wife. She's well turned out but is looking for a way out of her marriage.


Jack Braxton - Matthew Marsh
A film producer in his 40s. Jack is sharp-witted and definitely a pragmatist. There's no love lost between him and Nick Cheyney.


Freddie Greenaway - Paul Grunert
Freddie runs the Magna Hotel and is the genial 'mein host'.


Raymond Clandillon - Desmond Barrit
A stylish actor in his 60s, Raymond is larger than life in every way - loud, warm, gregarious, gay and alcoholic.