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Harriet Farmer - Jo Woodcock

A beautiful and innocent May Queen who fell into a coma after being attacked on the night she was due to elope with her boyfriend Finn Robson.


David Farmer - Richard Lumsden

Harriet's mild-mannered and devoted father who has been waiting for a year for her to wake up. Shabby and crumpled, David is obsessed by chess and secretly in love.


Alan Robson - Cal Macaninch

Narcissistic, controlling and resolute, Robson is a successful computer games developer and fitness fanatic. He has a tense relationship with his wife and his son Finn is missing.


Wendy Robson - Rowena King

A once elegant and formidable woman, Wendy has become a shadow of her former self. Now needy and careworn, she needs tranquilisers to cope with her son's disappearance.


Finn Robson - Royce Pierreson

Handsome, charismatic Finn was a ladies' man before falling in love and going missing.


Arthur Potts - John Henshaw

The rough and ready manager of a failing hotel, Arthur is a bit of a chancer but has a big heart. However, he's made some bad choices in life including his marriage to Caroline.


Caroline Potts - Fay Ripley

A cold and repressed woman, Caroline uses Arthur's profits to indulge in her charity work, delivering food to the needy. Despite her pious exterior, she has a dark secret.


Jamie Carr - John Bell

A strange and awkward boy, Jamie is a chess prodigy but lives in his mother's shadow.


Olivia Carr - Julie Cox

Olivia may look like a doting earth mother but she has a core of steel. She lives her life through her son Jamie and has obsessive ambitions for his chess career.


Edward Stannington - Nicholas Rowe

A self-centred and unlikeable man, Edward is a chess expert who likes to win and brag about it. He shares a home with his aunt Vivian but treats her as a subordinate.


Vivian Stannington - Cheryl Campbell

A scatty, bubbly 'aristo-hippy', Vivian is a born optimist despite being brow-beaten by her nephew Edward. She carries a torch for Arthur and is deeply suspicious of Caroline.


Dr Laura Parr - Julie Graham

Cool and professional, Laura is the neurologist who has been caring for Harriet since she fell into a coma. An incomer from Scotland, she is friends with Wendy Robson.


Fay Bell - Sophie Stone

A feisty teacher at the deaf school who the police call upon for her lip-reading skills.