Jeff Bowmaker - Danny Webb
Bowmaker is a one-man ghost walk tour operator who doesn't really believe in ghosts. He lives in a B&B and is a bit seedy.


Ian Kent - Aden Gillett
A historian in his early 40s - serious and fairly humourless, he's an academic who eschews romanticism in any shape or form.


Faith Kent - Emma Fielding
Ian's wife Faith is an attractive woman who specialises in social history. She's a free spirit who doesn't allow her marriage to stop her from having a little fun from time to time.


Adam Peach - Rupert Holliday Evans
Widower Adam owns and runs the local nursery and florist shop with his son and daughter.


Jessica Peach - Susannah Fielding
The 23-year-old daughter of Adam, Jessica is petite and pretty but tomboyish. She drives the company van.


Liam Peach - Jack Roth
Unlike his father and sister, Jessica's younger brother Liam is lacking in ambition and has few good words for others in the village.


Alice Carver - Suzy Aitchison
Alice is landlady of the B&B and is a pretty, cuddly woman. She has a soft spot for Bowmaker who is more or less a full time resident.


John Carver - David Sibley
Alice's husband John is a self-employed gardener who is a moaner and works intermittently. He feigns the occasional illness and has no time for Bowmaker.


Sarah Sharp - Christine Cole
Sarah reluctantly shared library duties with Gerald Ebbs, who is found dead in the cemetery. She's an attractive and manipulative woman who has an odd relationship with Liam Peach.


Mary Bishop - Gabrielle Lloyd
A forbidding looking woman in her early 50s, Mary is landlady of the equally forbidding March Magna Inn.


Vic Bishop - Tony Selby
Vic is landlord of the inn and is a rotund man who believes in doing things in his own time and at his own ponderous speed.