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Harriet Compton - Margaret Tyzack
Harriet co-owns a model village in the tourist village of Little Worthy with her sister Hilary. She is in her 60s, straight-laced, religious and has never married.


Hilary Compton - Caroline Blakiston
Harriet's sister Hilary is less puritanical than her sister and was once married - but her husband died when she was a young bride.


Bob Moss - David Ryall
Bob is a lifelong bachelor who is employed by the Compton sisters to care for and maintain the model village.


Richard Tanner - Jamie Treacher
Richard is in his late 30s and believes Little Worthy should not be changed in any way. He's a larger-than-life character in a small world.


Jackie Tanner - Sanchia McCormack
Jackie is Richard's half sister and runs Little Worthy's craft workshop.


Rebecca Rix - Emma Stansfield
Little Worthy's nursery school teacher, Rebecca was once Richard Tanner's lover and still resents being rejected by him.


Edward Palfrey - Paul Bentall
Edward owns the gloomy Franklin's Hotel. He's a forlorn and lugubrious man whose wife ran off with a brewery rep, leaving him to bring up his infant daughter.


Christa Palfrey - Matilda Sturridge
Edward's daughter Christa is 17, rebellious and a touch Goth. She suffers the hotel even though it is her home and has little respect for her father's partner Bernice.


Bernice - Olivia Colman
Bernice is simple, homely and trustingly childlike. She answered an advert for a waitress-cum-maid at the hotel and soon began a relationship with Edward.


Annabel Johnson - Abigail Thaw
Annabel runs Little Worthy's suffocatingly chi-chi gift shop 'Browse Awhile' and is married to Mike.


Mike Johnson - Jesse Birdsall
Mike helps his wife in the gift shop and likes the ladies.


Kate Dove - Michelle Butterly
Kate owns and runs the Butterball Tea Rooms with her husband, and she's Mike's lover.


Steve Dove - Ian Targett
Steve is 40 and is the put-upon and cuckolded husband of Kate.