Norman Wayland-Smith - Shaughan Seymour
Norman is a Fellow of St Frideswide's College, part of Midsomer University, and is its organist and choirmaster. He is also a keen member of the Midsomer Cycling Club.


Daniel Snape - Philip Jackson
A former rally driver now in his 60s, Snape is proprietor of the local garage, a workshop stained by a century of dripping oil. Although loyal to his friends, Snape can't help but admire the fleet of luxury cars driven by software boss Clinton Finn.


Emily Harte - Josephine Taylor
Emily is the pretty village primary schoolteacher in her late 20s. She's friendly with eccentric scientist George Jeffers - and with his teenage son Tom.


Clinton Finn - Nigel Whitmey
A rich American and CEO of the locally based American technology company Soft Earth Systems. Finn collects fast cars and wants to make a name for himself - and even more money - by exploiting state-of-the-art software invented by George Jeffers.


Helen Markham - Lucy Brown
Helen is Finn's production manager and right-hand-woman and is cold and businesslike.


Edward Canning - Jim Norton
The retired former head porter of St Frideswide's College, Edward is relaxed and easy-going, unlike his son. A keen cyclist and keep fit fanatic, despite his age.


George Jeffers - David Haig
A bespectacled and maverick scientist in his 50s, George is a Fellow of St Frideswide's. His invention Kernel Logic could bring glory and money to both the University and Soft Earth Systems - but George is threatening to jeopardise the launch of the system.


Tom Jeffers - James Musgrave
Tom is George's 15-year-old son by his third wife Melanie. He has a difficult relationship with his parents.


Melanie Jeffers - Joanna Roth
Melanie is George's third ex-wife. She fears their son Tom is out of control.


Jonathan Canning - Simon Chandler
An ambitious academic, son of Edward, and a Fellow of St Frideswide's. He is desperate to get George to endorse Kernel Logic at the forthcoming press conference.


Melville Dodgson - Jonathan Cecil
The Master of St Frideswide's, approaching retirement, Dodgson is an elderly academic at odds with the business of running a modern university.


Ursula Carroll - Hermione Gulliford
A young and ambitious journalist from the Causton Gazette.