Joanna Roth plays Melanie Jeffers
Joanna Roth experienced life in the fast lane in 'The Glitch'.

"I play Melanie Jeffers who is the third ex-wife of a successful scientist played by David Haig. She is very caring but she wants to have a life of her own, have a bit of fun herself, rather than just being an ex-wife," she explains.

"She hangs out with Clinton Finn, a rich American played by Nigel Whitmey. She is out of the frying pan into the fire as Clinton is a bit of a cad. She goes for men who are successful but completely hopeless at relationships.

"Clinton drives lots of fast cars and I had a scene in the AC Cobra - that was pretty fast and noisy with the top down. It was a freezing day and Nigel and I were supposed to be snogging and looking carefree on a sunny day but we were trying our best to keep warm."

Joanna enjoyed the experience, especially being able to work alongside John Nettles.

"I'm a big fan of Midsomer Murders and I knew John from working with him and David Troughton in Stratford. He's terrific and such a lovely man. It was good fun, the most relaxed job I have ever done, like being invited into someone's family. There was so much happiness and respect for each other and I felt very welcomed and safe."


Philip Jackson plays Daniel Snape
Philip Jackson enjoyed getting back in the saddle for his role as Daniel Snape in Midsomer Murders.

"My character takes part in a bike race and I hadn't cycled for a long, long time. I didn't do any training for it - I relied on that phrase 'It's like riding a bike'. As a result I was a bit saddle sore after the filming! It was good fun, being out in the countryside.

"I had to get into the Lycra and full cycling gear. There was a great bunch of real cyclists turned up for the race, and they looked very expert and knew what they were doing. We soon realised that we didn't know much about cycling. But we looked like them anyhow!"

Snape is the local garage owner in the village.

Explains Philip: "He's a pretty miserable bastard; he has a garage that they all use in the village, and he is pretty well known. He's not sociable at all, apart from the cycling club, and I think he enjoys it because they all go down the pub afterwards. He is an enthusiast for old cars, and some of the cycling lot are also enthusiasts.

 "Snape is a single man - you get the sense that there was a Mrs Snape at some time, but he is a bit of a loner, and comes across as a bit weird. His more sinister side is seen in the garage."


Jim Norton plays Edward Canning
Septuagenarian actor Jim Norton was delighted to show off his fitness playing a cycling fanatic in 'The Glitch'.

"I play Edward Canning, a retired college porter who he is obsessed about keeping fit. He loves the fact that he is fitter than the other, younger people taking part in the Midsomer Cycling Club race. So they needed an actor of my age, but fit.

"I keep fit because I am a runner, and I go to the gym. I also cycle in Battersea Park with my grandson Joshua, who's 10. But they presented me with a racing bike, so I had to hone my skills. It's a totally different experience and I did end up sitting in the bath most nights.

"I did most of my own stunts, leaping on and off bicycles, and running about. It was great fun, being out in the open air, doing lots of exercise, and we had sunshine most days, mainly in the Chiltern Hills. So I did feel pretty fit afterwards, and I have been doing cycling since. But I did develop mighty thighs at the end of it!"

Adds Jim: "Canning is a man who was very devoted to his son, but sadly because he had educated him beyond himself, there is a slight alienation, which is a source of sadness to him."

Jim worked on Midsomer Murders shortly after returning from New York, where he won the 2008 Tony Award for his performance in Conor McPherson's play The Seafarer.

"When I came back I wanted to do something very British, and this was perfect. I was saying that I am the only actor of my age who has not been in the series. And lo and behold the next week, I was offered it . You have to be careful what you ask for. It's recognised in the acting world as one of the last best TV jobs to do. So I have done Broadway and Midsomer - the actor's perfect year."

"I hadn't worked with David Haig before, so it was great to work with him, and John Nettles is the calming centre of it all. The other lovely thing was that I had worked with Philip Jackson on a Poirot, and Shaughan Seymour was in that episode too. So it was a bit of a reunion."