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Ruth Cameron - Sharon Small

Tyrannical celebrity chef Ruth has worked incredibly hard to set up her own restaurant, Wyvern House. Bold, determined and feisty, Ruth is passionate about food but her drive for perfection wins her a few enemies.


Johnny Linklater - Clive Wood

Ruth's affable husband and co-owner of Wyvern House, Johnny adores Ruth, and is terrified of letting her down. Loveable but dysfunctional, he relies on Ruth's strength and success.


Nick Iver - Marc Elliott

Sous chef Nick is Ruth's protégé and whipping boy. He's a good, sensitive person in a loving relationship with his partner, Stephanie. However his commitment to Ruth remains absolute.


Ferdy Linklater - Tyger Drew-Honey

Johnny's son and sardonic kitchen porter who likes to revel in others' misery. But he could be just a typical teenager.


Amy Strickland - Lucinda Dryzek

The ambitious commis-chef at Wyvern House and daughter to Martin, Amy's had a troubled upbringing, and is determined to make something of herself independently of her father.


Martin Strickland - Neil McCaul

A local wealthy gentleman farmer, who you wouldn't like to double-cross, and father to Amy.


Camilla Strickland - Lucy Akhurst

Martin's second wife Camilla is scheming, opportunistic and materialistic. She clashes with Martin's daughter, Amy.


Angela Linklater - Arabella Weir

Angela is Johnny's ex-wife and mother to Ferdy. She's landlady of the Stag & Huntsman and is self-confident, attractive and slightly blousy.


Stephanie Weston - Catherine Bailey

The local butcher and Nick's girlfriend, Stephanie is bubbly, ballsy and protective of Nick.


Jamie Weston - Matt Kennard

A farmhand working for Martin and Stephanie's brother, Jamie is the quiet, sympathetic type.


Lizzy Thornfield - Hayley Mills

A hippyish herbalist but contrary to appearances, Lizzy has sass, and has lived in the fast lane. She also has a dark history with Ruth, history she's not going to let the chef forget.