© ITV Pic/Mark Bourdillon

There is a full moon over Little Worthy this Halloween and the area is buzzing with activity following the chance popularity of Little Worthy's very own meme. The Hub, an internet cafe run by the maternal Mel, recently ran a competition to create a modern urban myth which was won by struggling photographer Steve, with his creation of the Wolf Hunter. Unexpectedly, the Wolf Hunter gained a cult following, becoming a viral meme, with people coming from miles around to explore Little Worthy woods in the hope of catching a glimpse of the beast.

The Hub, set up as an oasis of internet connectivity, a nest to bring people together - old and young, saw customers flock to visit their Wolf Hunter exhibition, while the hunky handyman Jez has been able to make himself a sideline forging Wolf Hunter replicas.

However, not everyone is enjoying the attention that the Wolf Hunter has brought to the area. The gossiping traditional landlady, Annie, blames The Hub for her downturn in business. While the husband and wife team, the Yarrows, have recently founded Worthy Glamping, an all-singing, all-dancing glampsite with its state-of-the-art eco-lodges, on the edge of the Little Worthy woods and do not want people terrified to step foot in their tranquil woods.

The stressted Brandon and his calm, holistic wife Rowan Yarrow, have been plagued with teething problems, with Brandon convinced that someone is sabotaging them. They are also having to deal with their disgruntled guests, Pat and Ronnie Everett, who have been coming to this site for 36 years. Northern curmudgeon, Pat, knows what he likes and likes what he knows, he resents this new-fangled glampsite and makes no secret of missing his simple campsite - making him the key suspect for the sabotage.

Brandon's fears of sabotage are only cemented when Jez is found murdered in the woods, killed in the unique way in which the Wolf Hunter is read to kill. While temperamental hot tubs might not be bad for business, a murder on your doorstep certainly is!

Barnaby and Winter are called in the investigate, and with Barnaby's unfamiliarity with social media, he must navigate the path between myth and reality after he is unwittingly sucked into the online frenzy. The main obstacle to his investigation; the speed and power at which social media spreads news.

The police must discover if this killing is some prank which has gone wrong, or if this myth has truly become a murderous reality.