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Jeremy Harper - Tim Wallers

Jeremy is an amateur astronomer and chair of the Parish Council and the Astronomical and Heritage Societies of Midsomer Stanton. He's upper middle class and passionate about preserving Moonstone Ridge, a Bronze Age site housing a 1930s observatory.


Catrina Harper - Clare Calbraith

Catrina is in a difficult marriage with Jeremy. She's in love with Lawrence Janson and works both as his secretary at the university and at the Moonstone Tea Rooms.


George Dormer - Kenny Ireland

An unemployed villager in his late 50s, George is a garden shed amateur astronomer.

George is a man who likes a drink and has the excitable enthusiasm of a Patrick Moore.


Margaret 'Mags' Dormer - Maureen Lipman

Mags is George's wife, but her passion is astrology. She does star charts for people and writes the horoscopes for the local paper, the Mercury. There is a driven, hard-nosed woman beneath her mystical front, but she believes our fates are written in the stars.


Peter Groves - Jay Taylor

A plumber fascinated by the extra-terrestrial, especially the signals from outer space which he receives on his radio telescope. He is likeable, good-looking and gay.


Tanya Walker - Kelly Price

Tanya is deputy editor of the Mercury. She is driven and ambitious, but also guileful, prepared to charm and seduce to get her hands on a good story. She works with Mags.


Jack Clough - Charles Daish

The Mercury's editor in chief, Jack is a loud, pushy man from south London. He's forever on Tanya's back as he needs exclusives to keep the sinking newspaper afloat.


Gagan Dutta - Soraya Radford

Gagan is 21 and an Anglo-Indian PhD student, attached to the Observatory. Her full name, Gaganadipika, means Lamp of the Heavens in Hindi. She was a mathematical prodigy from the age of nine and is bright, feisty and determined.


Harmendra 'Harry' Dutta - Ace Bhatti

Harry is the village chemist; he's proud, dignified and a deeply spiritual man who runs a yoga class in the village hall. A widower, he is also an over-protective father to Gagan.


Dr Adrian Sharp - Barnaby Kay

Professor of Quantam Physics attached to the Observatory and tutor to Gagan. A handsome older man who is Gagan's intellectual equal and a loved father figure.


Dr Lawrence Janson - Harry Hadden-Paton

An astro-physicist now director of Midsomer Stanton Observatory, Lawrence is a tight, wiry man who's ruthlessly ambitious and enjoying an illicit affair with Catrina Harper, his part-time secretary